/ 2023 / Nature / Trees

Catch me if you can

  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Trees
  • Photographer
    Sue Park, United States
  • Studio
    Shatto Gallery
  • Website

Amidst the snow’s embrace, a lone tree stood tall.
Beneath it, bird’s footprints adorned the ground.
They trailed towards the tree, a beckoning call.
Where did they vanish? A world yet unfound.

2022-23 Solo Exhibition at Palazzo del duca, Senegallia, Italy
2019 Solo Exhibition at Shatto Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2019 Group Exhibition “Landscape: East Meets West,” Pesaro, Italy
2013-23 Published photos in the Asian Pacific Heritage Calendar and Cultural Guide by the City of Los Angeles, USA
2017 Solo Exhibition at Gallery Dooin, Seoul, South Korea
2016 Group Exhibition at University of Southern California, L.A. CA, USA
2015 Group Exhibition in Mexico City, Mexico
2014-2011 Group Exhibition in Tsushima,Japan and Seoul, Korea, Qindao,China, Tianjin, China, L.A.,USA

Awards 2022 Awarded Gold Award from Tokyo International Foto Awards,
2021 Chosen as “The Photographer of the Year 2021” from
International Photography Awards (IPA), USA
2021 Received 1st Place Award from Prix de la Photographie Paris
(PX3) for category of Book, France
2021 Received 1st Place Award from International Photography
Awards (IPA) for the category of Book, USA
2021 Awarded as “Discovery of the Year” from Lucie Foundation, USA
2021 Chosen as the Top 5 Jury Selection from IPA, USA
2021 Received Gold Award from Budapest International FotoAwards
(BIFA), Budapest
2020 Received Awards from Budapest International Foto Awards (BIFA), Prix de la Photographie Paris(PX3) and Moscow International Foto Awards, Moscow
2019 Received 1st Place award from International Photography
Awards (IPA) for category of Book
2019 Received Silver Award from Budapest International FotoAwards
(BIFA), Budapest
2019 Received Awards from Monochrome Awards in Landscapes,
Conceptual, Street photography and Tokyo International
FotoAward (TIFA), Japan
2017, 2018 Received award from International Photography Awards (IPA),USA and Prix de la Photographie (PX3), Paris, France
2015 Received appreciation plaque from the South Korean government
2013, 2014 Received the President's Volunteer Service Award from President BarackObama of the United States of America
2011 Received Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from the United States House of Representatives
2010-13 Received Grand Prize from the Photographers Society of Southern California Annual Photo Contest
2010-11 Received Certificate of Recognition from the Los Angeles City Council, California, USA