/ 2023 / Nature / Water

Underwater Symphony Of Waves

Embrace the ever-changing drama of the sea. Each wave, like life's moments, arrives distinct yet connected, forming the breathtaking spectacle of oceanic power and tranquility. As sunshine breathes life into these transient, towering water forms, we see a mirror of our existence ā€“ a myriad of small, seemingly insignificant events coalescing into an extraordinary narrative. Witness the calm transform into tempest, the old give way to the new, and remember: even the greatest waves are born of tiny ripples.

Alexej, a Ukrainian-German devoted diver and photographer, highlights the beauty and human-induced distress of the underwater world through his work. Born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, he holds a diploma in rocket engineering and received photography education from the Kiev Photography School.
Alexej's art bridges photography and painting, employing abstract and fine art styles to underscore the link between terrestrial and aquatic worlds. With his distinctive style, he aspires to elevate underwater photography to powerful contemporary art that advocates for peace and environmental protection.

Awards :
- Overall winner of the Vienna Photography Awards.
Double first-place winner of the Travel Photographer of the Year competition.
- First-place winner of both the Monochrome Awards and Neutral Density Awards.
- Landscape Photographer of the Year as recognized by the Annual Photography Awards.
- Double gold medalist of the Prix de la Photographie (PX3), Tokyo Photography Awards, and Budapest Photography Awards.
- Double recipient of the Jury Top 5 Awards from the International Photography Awards (IPA).
- Longlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize.
- Commended by the Siena Creative Photography Awards.