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Time Tunnel

It is a piece in Hokkaido located in the north of Japan. There was a tunnel through the mountains on a vast land. The structure that takes in outside light is rare, and the light that enters creates a landscape that looks like a time tunnel that transcends time and space.

This is Studio O'nos, established in August 2020. We are a small photo studio in Fukuoka prefecture. Under the slogan "Changing the future with photos", we are selling panels of such photos that will heal and cheer up the customers who decorate them. The idea ā€‹ā€‹"with photos" rather than "by photos" is that our photos are a supporting role, and the main role is, of course, each customer. A single photo selected by the customer will move you. If you change your mind, you change your behavior. If you change your behavior, you change your future. We believe that it is our meaning to exist.

Awards IPA 2022 Honorable Mention 3 works
TIFA 2022 Honorable Mention 1 work