/ 2023 / Architecture / Historic

Leaning prairies

During his travels across the Canadian Prairies Marc Koegel noticed the many leaning man made structures, many seem ready to collapse at anytime. These gestures are a metaphor for the vanishing of the old times, where modern farming practices and machines render many of these buildings obsolete.

The photographs were created using a full spectrum converted camera.

Born in Germany, Marc first went to Canada in 1996 to earn an Economics degree. He has been seriously involved with photography ever since he was given his father's camera and darkroom setup at the age of 12. His black and white long exposure landscapes and architectural photographs have been widely exhibited and have won numerous international awards such as the IPA, PX3, Spider Awards and Epson Pano Awards. Marc also teaches workshops around the world.

Awards I have won several international awards including Gold from PX3, IPA, Epson Pano Awards, ND Awards, Spider Awards, Moscow Photo Awards and Critical Mass. My photography has been exhibited in 50+ exhibitions in Vancouver and internationally.