/ 2022 / Nature / Earth

Ruskin's World

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Earth
  • Photographer
    Tim Fisher
  • Studio
    Tim Fisher Photograpjy

50yrs of observations, polymath, art critic & pioneer of environmentalism, John Ruskin foresaw a problem.

Embracing a multidisciplinary practice, incorporating b&w photography taken from a single window, overlaid with pictures of paintings in the tradition of the Pictorialist Movement into a single body of work.

Ruskin warned of the approaching "Storm clouds", of Man poisoning the land, sky, a premonition of a decaying world.

By combining these two aesthetics, confusing & challenging viewers to see beyond the objective, the obvious, to arrive at a dystopian subjective landscape.

Photographer, art gallery owner, usually, though not always, in the reverse order.

Awards PX3 - Bronze for "Ruskin's World" in 2022 and Silver in the 2019 IPA's (same project).

Portrait of Britain / BJP, on average, 1x portrait image every year.

IPA & Family of Man; Silver Medal.

PX3 a Gold in the automotive category 2009 (?).

Intenational Photography Awards 2022:

Silver - Fine Art / Portrait of Ukrainian refugees.
Jury Top 5 selection - "Proscenium Landscapes".
Honourable Mentions x 3 including - "A phenomenological Reading of Landscape".
8x Official Selections

All six of my portraits submitted to the Taylor Westing / National Portrait Gallery annual competition and exhibition 2022 were printed up for the final round of judging.

Sony / WPO Short List 2018. Portraiture / Professional

Art Gallery in Keswick owner since 2018

Art on a Postcard 2017
Magnum Swap Shop 2017

Mists of time......