/ 2022 / Fine Art / Abstract


  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Abstract
  • Photographer
    Michal Zahornacky
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Aerial Abstract Series DOTS

Using old fabric I create circular objects and capture them in with a
drone creating abstract visuals.

Michal Zahornacky is a visual artist working with photography and the human figure. He is currently based in Slovakia.

As a photographer, he tends to promote an artistic approach to each genre he focuses on. He sits his work somewhere near the thin line between reality and fiction. In recent years, he has been inspired by topics such as identity, dynamics, traditions or the body.

Michal’s photographs are strong and focused, with few details pointing towards specific thought or emotion.


2021 1st place winner FAPA – Fine Art Photography Awards in category: Architecture, project CLOSE

2019 2nd place winner FAPA – Fine Art Photography Awards in category: Abstract, project Curves

2018,2017,2016 Nominee, FAPA, category: Fine Art, Conceptual, Fashion, Portrait

2017 Honorable Mention, IPA, category: FineArt Portrait

2017 Top 10 FEP Awards, category: Illustrative photography

His work ensured him exhibitions at galleries in countries and cities like Shanghai, Beijing (China), Paris (France), Bratislava (Slovakia), Krnov (Czech Republic), Belchatow (Poland). He received many awards for his works such as 1st place FAPA, Fine Art Photography Awards winner in category Architecture, for his project CLOSE (2021), 2nd place FAPA Awards winner in category Abstract, for his project CURVES (2019).