/ 2022 / Fine Art / Digitally Enhanced

Wings of Secret Garden

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Digitally Enhanced, Gold in Special/Special Effects
  • Photographer
    Fenqiang Liu
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Each spring, many Great Egrets gather in Winter Park, Florida, to begin their nesting rituals. I made countless trips to the location to capture the most inspiring moments. Their true beauty is best reflected in their natural living environment. Therefore, I wanted to utilize their enchanting surroundings to obtain unique compositions. I carefully chose the camera positions and patiently waited for the best opportunities. During post-processing, I selected the sky to make it darker before painting the light using the soft-brush tool to create a more dreamy, dramatic, and artistic impression.

Fenqiang Liu began studying drawing while attending middle school in China. During college, he took an interest in photography. After finishing his BA in Chinese literature, Fenqiang worked as a cameraman for geographic educational videos. He later came to the United States to obtain his MFA in Cinema and Photography. After graduation, he worked as a computer animator and motion graphic designer. He and his wife later opened a business that provides behavior analysis services for children with autism. In recent years, Fenqiang has devoted his time to wildlife and nature photography.

Awards - 1st Place - Black & White Nature and Wildlife Series of the Year 2022 at the 6th edition of MonoVisions Photography Awards.

- Category Winner in Nature & Landscape Category and Highly Commended Award in Series Category at the Siena Creative Photo Awards 2022.

- 1st Prize Winner in Wildlife & Animals Category at the 8th Fine Art Photography Awards.

- 1st Prize Winner in the Wildlife & Animals Professional Category at the Chromatic Awards 2021.

- 1st Prize Winner in Nature Category and Nature Discovery of the Year at the Monochrome Awards 2021.

- One of the All About Photo Awards 2022 winners.

- Finalist of the 2022 Open Call: CARTE BLANCHE, B/W Category by Lucie Foundation.

- "Best in Show" at the FMoPA International Photography Competition 2022.

- "Secret Garden" series has been chosen and published in the Dodho Magazine issue #21

- Selected Artist by the Chelsea International Photography Competition 2022.

- One of the 10 Editor's Picks at the Independent Photographer's February 2022 Black & White Photo Award.

- Category Winner of the Year, Platinum, and Gold Winner at the Muse Photography Awards 2022.

- Platinum and Gold Winner at the London Photography Awards 2022.