/ 2022 / Advertising / Beauty


  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Beauty
  • Photographer
    Misuzu Shibuya
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I like to make photos based on myths
This work expresses Flora, the goddess of flowers.

A beautiful and cruel myth that has been told for many years
And many paintings drawn based on them impress many people even in modern times.

Like that timeless beauty is the theme of my creation.

Apr.2021 Solo exhibition "Quiet" Art Galerie MAG (Osaka)

Oct.2020 Solo exhibition "MIRROR" Galerie Nadar (Tokyo)

Nov.2019 “Rencontres Photographiques du 10e”

Galerie Rachel Hardouin (Paris)

Nov.2018 “Anna Uchiyama” Galerie Rachel Hardouin (Paris)

Oct.2018 “Anna Uchiyama” New Jorg Gallery (Kalmthout , Belgium)

Mar.2016 "Portrait senka FINAL" Gallery Ledeco (Tokyo)

Jul.2015 "Portrait senka"Gallery Ledeco (Tokyo)

Jul.2014 "Portrait senka "Gallery Ledeco (Tokyo)

Sep.2013 "into dreams" Irori machi (Osaka)