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Different Food - Roladin campaign

  • Prize
    Gold in Advertising/Food
  • Photographer
    Miri Davidovitz
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For the 2021 Hanukkah campaign of the new collection of Sufganiot by Roladin (Jewish donuts for Hanukkah), I photographed a variety of characters holding umbrellas that are inspired by the actual Sufganiot. Hanukkah is a winter holiday!
This is the 5th year I do this campaign ,together with creative director Tzur Golan, and each year the challenge is to create a new inspiration.
Everything in the photographs is real, including the umbrellas and the dreamy backdrop, created especially for the shoot.
I have lit the set with Kino lights, for a non shadowy result, with lots of highlights.

Born in Europe raised in Israel.
Specializing in people.