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My pathway to health

  • Prize
    Gold in Portraiture/Self-Portrait, 2nd Place winner in Portraiture
  • Photographer
    Katarzyna Dlugosz
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In December 2019, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I started my treatment with first chemotherapy on January 2020, September - mastectomy, December - last stage of radiotherapy and ending the treatment process.

There were different times during the course of the treatment, the consecutive days and stages. I made the first frames with enthusiasm, energy and curiosity about the final effect. After a few months, unfolding the tripod was already a challenge.

These self-portraits were supposed to be neutral. However, after developing the films, I saw something more.
Now it gives me strenght.

Born in 1977 in Oswiecim, Poland. In 2010 obtain BA of Arts in Photography from Lodz Film School.
Deals with photography as hobby and amateur in her free time.
She is interested in nature photography. Specializes in analogue photography specially black and white photography and darkroom processing.
Awarded as finalist or honorable mention in national and international photography competitions such as IPA 2019, 2018,MonoVisions Photography Award 2019, 2018,Monochrome Awards 2018,Photographer’s Forum’s 37th Annual Spring Photography Contest or National Geographic Poland “Photography mornings”.

Awards January 2019 - Monochrome Awards 2018 - Honorable Mantion; Nature
November 2018 - 12th Pollux Awards: winner series:Category - Motion
October 2018 - 12th Julia Margaret Cameron Award; honorable mention series: Open Theme: „A little bit longer” Fine Art: „Nothingness”
October 2018 - IPA 2018; honorable mention series: Fine Art/Landscape
August 2018 - Black Box Gallery - „Grayscale” - finalist and participant in exhibition in the Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon.
July 2018 - MonoVisions Photography Award; honorable mention series: Nature and Wildlife: “Sounds of morning”; Fine Art: “When morning comes around”
January 2018 - “Polish Nature” - January Issue Magazine; winner – printed back-cover photography
December 2017 - IPA 2017 - „One - shot: Harmony - Nature”; honorable mention
December 2017 - LoosenArt Gallery - “The Mask” - finalist and participant in group exhibiton in Rome at the space Millepiani in date 12 – 21 March 2018
December 2017 Black Box Gallery - „Color” - finalist and participant in the On-Line Annex gallery and exhibiton catalog
November 2017 ND Awards 2017 – non-proffesional winners - honorable mention categories:
People/Family (series):"Motherhood”
Nature/Other: “Down the River”
October 2017 - “Just one Photo 2017” (X INTERNATIONAL SALON OF PHOTOGRAPHY) participation in post-competition exhibition and finalist of printed catalog
October 2017 - IPA 2017 (International Photography Awards); honorable mention categories:
Fine Art/Landscape: “Down the river”
Nature/Trees: “Down the river"
September 2017 - MonoVisions Photography Award; honorable mention series:
People: “Motherhood”
Fine Art: “Biebrza National Park”
August 2017 - Photographer’s Forum’s 37th Annual Spring Photography Contest; finalist of Best of Photography 2017
July 2017 - "Treasures of Lesser Poland”; honorable mention and participation in post-competition exhibition
June 2017 - National Geographic Poland; finalist and workshop participant “Photography mornings”