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The Cormorant Fishermen of Xingping

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    Gold in Special/Others “Special”
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    Ivan Ferrer
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Using cormorants to catch fish has been a custom in China for the past 1,000 years. However, more modern fishing methods have resulted in a decline in this traditional method of fishing, and today there are only a handful of cormorant fishermen left, most of them in their 80’s. The fisherman train the cormorants to catch fish and give them special commands. On receiving a command to enter the river, the cormorant dives into the river and looks for fish. If it is dark, the light from the lantern assists them to see the fish.

I took up photography 9 years ago, and found my interest piqued by the magic of photography, taking it up initially as a part-time hobby and then as an all-consuming life-style. My inspiration comes from the manifold different cultures across the world: the people who are part of them, the street scenes that define them, and their customs, beliefs and ceremonies. Eager and motivated to showcase what I could, I have travelled to more than 50 countries in my determination to share these unique cultures with my viewers.

Awards IPA International Photography Awards 2018 Second Place

IPA International Photography Awards 2019 First Place

IPA International Photography Awards 2020 First Place

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Portrait of Humanity (British Journal of Photography) 2020