/ 2021 / Press / Nature/Environmental

Lost Roots

  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/Nature/Environmental
  • Photographer
    Filippo Ferraro
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In the last few years, in Salento region, southeast of Italy, a bacterium "Xylella fastidiosa" is killing millions of olive trees. To date there's no cure. The epidemic caused massive economic and environmental losses, the lush olive groves of the past, symbols of ancient traditions, has given way to an endless expanse of wooden skeletons and soon the entire Mediterranean basin could be in a similar, terrible, condition. This work explores how an epidemic in plant world can affect the relationship between a community and its own land, eradicating centuries of history and culture of a people.

Born in 1990, after a Law degree and some work experiences in the insurance field, he decided to devote his attention to an in-depth study of documentary photography. His research focuses mainly on social, political and environmental issues.

He's currently based in Trieste - Italy.