/ 2021 / Architecture / Cityscape

Never forget Nevers

  • Prize
    Silver in Architecture/Cityscape
  • Photographer
    Patrice Picard

This is a topographic series of eight places within the limited scope of a small provincial town in France: Nevers. The series gathers modest, commonplace elements from urban surroundings that tend to become invisible from neglect or indifference, though they partake of the peculiar character and beauty of a town. These pictures invite us to take a fresh look at our urban environment, first of all the place where we live. By roaming around Nevers on a daily basis, I keep documenting its common beauty, its familiar singularity, so that Nevers may remain in our mind’s eye and never be forgotten.

Photography has been my hobby since I was a teenager. I first took pictures with a traditional camera, then I stopped for a few years, and then I bought a digital camera, which got me back to my initial passion but with a different approach and different possibilities.

My interest soon focused on apparently worthless things, things that are around us but which we tend to ignore as they seem trivial, outdated or discarded. My eyes are drawn to these objects or places on the margins of our daily experience because, to me, they feel like points of high intensity. A form of tension is deeply at work between what man has created and the opposing action of time, overgrowing nature or oblivion that alter, reshape and somehow re-create this man-made environment.

The interplay between past and present, creation and decay, production and desertion, presence and effacement, is what makes these small things live a highly saturated life—and this is what makes them worthy of photographic attention.

Awards - 2016 FAPA Nominee (Panoramic Category)
- 2016 MIFA Honorable Mention (Architecture-Industrial Category)
- 2017 FAPA Nominee (Open Theme Category)
- 2017 ND Awards Honorable Mention (Architecture-Industrial Category)