/ 2021 / Advertising / Beauty

Future is now.

  • Prize
    Gold in Advertising/Beauty
  • Photographer
    Piotr Marciński

Futuristic portrait of young black woman.

Piotr Marciński is a native of Poland who lives in small town Koscierzyna. He is self-taught photographer, born on 16 may 1982. From 2021 he also began submitting his artworks to exhibitions, festivals and photo contests.

His artistic photography is mostly focused on conceptual art photography and people photography. Often creating photos that reflect social issues – with help of models, objects and costumes.

Awards 3rd Place Winner in Minimalist Photography Awards 2021 in Portrait category
Monovisions Photography Awards 2021
Featured in online gallery of Passepartout Photo Prize - 07.2021
Finalist of COCA PROJECT 2021 - 07.2021


LoosenArt Group Exhibition in Rome - 06.2021
London Art Biennale 2021 -07.2021
LoosenArt Group Exhibition in Rome - 08.2021
FotoArtFestival in Bielsko-Biała - 10.2021