/ 2021 / Fine Art / Landscape

Stylization and Reality...

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Landscape
  • Company
    IFP d.o.o.
  • Photographer
    Zheljko Stevanich
  • Credit
    Zheljko Stevanich - original name: Željko Stevanić

I was on assignment at lake Bled to document the homemade production of a national boat named Pletna. First, I went to the Bled castle above the lake to take an establishing image for the story. At the shooting point, I noticed a mixture of water surface patterns merged with sun reflections. These nature phenomenons offered great fundament for the image content, which displayed three resting cormorants while drying wing feathers on the safety net, seen as a stylized shape of a flying bird. I was mesmerized by all these spectacles, so I took the shot.

Professional freelance photographer from 1994 (working with daily, weekly, monthly media, advertising agencies, and film industry in Slovenija) until 2003, then photo editor at various publishing houses (Delo magazines d.d., Tedenski žurnal d.o.o.) until 2008 when started to manage photo agency IFP. From 2002 works as a motion picture still photographer at Slovenian movie and theater productions. Attended masterclasses with Christopher Morris(VII agency), Marcus Bleasdale (VII agency), Yuri Kozyrev (Noor), and Jerome Delay (AP).

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Honors & Awards

PX3 2021 - Fine art/Landscape - bronze for the "Stylization and Reality..."

Beta agency - Photography of the year - audience award
honor dateSep 2020 honor issuer BETA Agency - Serbia

Covid19 Pandemic - multiple exposures - Grant for finishing the project - date: Jul 2020 - grant issuer Slovenian public agency for the book- JAK - photographic series "Covid19 Pandemic - multiple exposures" which cover the general situation in Ljubljana during the announced quarantine through the multiple exposure project - a crossover between fine art and documentary photography.

IPA awards - One-shot competition - Category: "Family of Man - Childhood" - Honorable Mention - honor date: Dec 2016

Fifth Annual Exposure photography award - Honorable Mention - The Black and White Collection - honor date: Jun 2015

SLOVENIA PRESS PHOTO - "Step forward" - winning photo in category - Culture, and Entertainment - honor date: Jun 2015

IPA ONESHOT: HOME - OFFICIAL MOPLA EXHIBITION - Month of photography Los Angeles - honor date: Apr 2015

Daily Dozen for March 2, 2015 - Photos - National Geographic - Your Shot - honor description: Two published photos on the same day in the same daily selection.

NG story: How close can You get? - 30.7.2014 - honor description: Published photograph in National geographic online story: How Close Can You Get? - curated by ED Kashi
National Geographic - Daily dozen - 18.4.2014
National Geographic - Daily dozen - 10.3.2014
National Geographic - Daily dozen - 25.3.2014

Emzine`s photography of the year 2014 - final selection - honor date: Feb 2014

Slovenia press photo - honor date: Nov 2009 - Honored mention - portrait of great Slovenian writer Boris Pahor

EMZIN`S Photography of the year 1997 - 2nd prize: fine art series - Insanity of captured people - honor date: Mar 1997 - honor issuer: Art Magazine: EMZIN