/ 2021 / Fine Art / Still Life

Time will Tell, the still-life series

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Still Life
  • Photographer
    Renata Dutrée
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I drew inspiration from paintings of the Dutch Golden Age in creating these still-life series.These works tell about the after effects of sexual abuse in a subtle way through the use of abstraction,suggestion and symbolic elements.There is more than meets the eye in these photographs.These works tell stories of loss of innocence, decay and death.They are metaphors for the feelings of sexually abused women.Drawing the eye through bold aesthetics,colours and props,the images then reveal a deeper truth.Hidden secrets and clues to convey an unsettling feeling.

With my Fineart portraits I want to draw attention to the possible aftermath of difficulties that we may encounter in our lives and they transcend the individual story and reflect on what is happening around us.There is a sense of mystery, things that are left unrevealed.It evokes feelings of longing, escape and might-have-beens.With my images I both hope to arouse the viewer's curiosity about the other and create awareness of the presence of suppressed grief and anguish.It is an invitation to take a step back, zoom out and see life from a higher vantage point than your own,without prejudice.

Awards *17th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Overall Winner of Professional Series with "Losing Faith"

*IPA Awards 2021, Honorable Mention in category Fine Art Other with "Shadows of my Mind" series

*Le Prix de la Photographie de Paris ( PX3 )2021, Silver with "Time Will Tell" the Still life series in category Fine Art, Honorable Mention with "Time Will Tell" the portrait series in category Fine Art and Honorable Mention with "Shadows of my Mind" series in category Special

*LifeFramer Colors 2021, Editor's Pick with "Blue Moves"
Masters of Photography, Photo Competition Black& White, Highly commended, "Portrait of Jude"
Nominated DuPho SO Award 2021

*Sienna Creative Photo Awards 2021 shortlisted

*6th Annual Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards 2021, winner with the series “Shadows of my Mind”

*TIFA Awards 2020, Bronze in the category Fine Art-Portrait with the portrait series ”Time Will Tell” and 2 Honorable Mentions one in the category Fine Art -Other with the series “Blue Moves” and one in the category Fine Art-Still Life with the Still Life series “Time Will Tell”.

*IPA Awards 2020, 2 Honorable Mentions in the category Fine Art/Portrait- one with the series “Memories, Memorials, Momentum and Mixed Moods” and one with the series “Presence a State of Mind”.

*15th POLLUX Awards 2020, 1st place Winner in the category Still life with the “Time Will Tell” series and 1st place Winner in the category Portrait single with “Daniel With Flowers”, 6 Honorable Mentions- one in category Fine Art with the portrait series “Time Will Tell” and five in category Portrait single.

*GUPNew 2020 Photography Talent

*Lensculture Portrait photography awards 2020 finalist with “Daniel With Flowers” single image

*Lensculture Black&White photography awards 2020 finalist with “Shadows of my Mind” series

*Life Framer Colors Winners 2020 with “Presence a State of Mind IV”