/ 2021 / Book / Monograph

Growing Up Travelling - book

I have spent my entire career photographing children all over the world. The last 5 years I have focused my eyes on the Irish Traveller that live in caravans on the side of the roads throughout Ireland. Even with their great history they live as outsiders to society and face unbelievable racism growing up. Unlike most children they are unable to refer to a history book to learn about their ancestors, a part of this journey was being able to document an era.It is with an honest heart I hope to show that these beautiful children who have great hopes and dreams in the face of discrimination.

Jamie Johnson is a Los Angeles photographer specializing in children documentary projects. As a mother and documentary photographer whose bread and butter comes from photography, Jamie's passion for faces of the next generation has been a life long focus. She has traveled the world capturing images of children and childhood around the globe. From Laos to Cuba, from the Amazon to India and around the world and back, she has found a universality in the world of children and her passion grows stronger with each new adventure.