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Urban Visions (catalogue, book)

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    Bronze in Book/Fine Art
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    Erberto Zani
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Urban Visions it's a long term collection of fine art photographs characterized by unusual, sometimes abstract views of everyday objects that surround us in the cities we live in. What truly catches my eye and intrigues me is the possibility of methamorposis: by focusing on a specific detail, isolating it from the context, playing with the size, it transforms into something else, something totally new. All while preserving its original harmony.
The cut that determines the final subject is never accidental. It is a conscious mental process, frozen by the click of the shutter.

Erberto Zani (Italy, 1978) is a documentary photographer, journalist and photo books designer, based between Parma (Italy) and Basel (Switzerland). Since 1998 he worked as photographer in advertisement sector. Freelance since 2008, most of his works are focused on documentary-humanitarian themes. He cooperates with companies, magazines and No Profit Organizations, for photographs and editorial projects.

Awards 2018
Monochrome Photography Awards: 2nd place category "Abstract"
Chromatic Photography Awards: 1st Place "Street" category with Leathers drying.
IPA - International Photography Awards: 2nd place, category "Event / Social cause" for Rohingya's exodus.
Monochrome Photography Awards: 1st and 2nd place, category "Photojournalism"
IPA - International Photography Awards: 2nd place, category Book Documentary for "Black World"
PX3 - Prix de la Photographie Paris: Gold medal in Professional Book Documentary and Bronze medal in Professional Book People