/ 2021 / Book / People

Inner Harmony: Living in Balance

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/Other, Gold in Book/People
  • Company
    Jon Kolkin Photography
  • Photographer
    Jon Kolkin
  • Credit
    Jon Kolkin

The desire to be happy is intrinsic to human nature. The challenge is finding the most effective strategy for achieving this elusive goal. Many ancient Eastern traditions suggest true happiness comes from within and can only be accomplished through compassion for self and others, guided by wisdom. Inner Harmony explores this philosophy through rare and intimate photographs of Buddhist monastics and laypeople by artist and physician, Jon Kolkin, captured while engaged in humanitarian work throughout Asia. Forewords by the Dalai Lama and Queen Mother of Bhutan provide additional perspective.

Jon Kolkin skillfully blends photography with health and spirituality, as he delves into Buddhist philosophy to explore core principles central to living a less stressful, more balanced life, regardless of one’s spiritual beliefs.

Designed by renowned graphic artist Lance Hidy, with poetry and prose by Buddhist scholar, Dr. Paula Arai, forewords were contributed by the 14th Dalai Lama and Queen Mother of Bhutan.

These intimate images were captured during 17 immersive experiences over 13 years in 10 countries throughout Asian, primarily while the author served as a medical volunteer.

Awards Tokyo International Foto Awards: Inner Harmony (Silver) 2020
Monovision Photography Awards: Inner Harmony: Seeking Enlightenment & Inner Harmony: Culture Clash (HM) 2020
International Photography Awards (IPA): Inner Harmony (HM), 2020
-In six Professional categories
International Photography Awards (IPA): Inner Harmony (HM), 2019
-In four Professional categories
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LensWork Magazine (#112), Inner Harmony, featured portfolio, 2014
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HVO 25th International Photography Competition, 1st place & 3rd place, category – local scene, 2012
IASD International Conference, Berkeley, CA., featured portfolio, 2011
Color Magazine, Equilibrium, Spotlight award, 2012
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