/ 2020 / Press / War

challenge the limit

  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/War
  • Photographer
    Hsu Ming Chung

This photo shows that the trainers who serve in the Marine Corps Amphibious Reconnaissance and Patrol Unit R.O.C. ,need to overcome the challenges to strong their fighting will and to become brave soldiers after the “Hell Week” training.

Awards IPA 2019,First Place:strong will
IPA 2019,3rd Place:power
IPA 2019,Honorable Mention:LIGHT OFF
IPA 2019,Honorable Mention:Training
IPA 2019,Honorable Mention:Dongsha Galaxy
IPA 2019,Honorable Mention:ready
IPA 2019,Honorable Mention:start mission
PX3 2019,Honorable Mention:Training