/ 2020 / Press / Sports


  • Prize
    Gold in Press/Sports
  • Photographer
    Andres Soriano Somolinos
  • Credit

Photography of one training session of Eduardo Catalín - K1 fighter - in his preparation for the 2019 k1 World Championship.
This image was taken into the gym where he trains regularly.

I started photography about ten years ago, and I have been taking photographs all this time in a non-professional way, except occasionally.
I have also participated in some photography contests.
For me photography is mainly a hobby that I really enjoy, although in the future I would like to be able to do it professionally.

- Finalist in V Photography National contest "CIUDAD DE ORIHUELA",2018, Spain.
- 2ª Honorable mention in the University of Murcia Photography National Awards,2019, Spain.
- Top ten in Malta Photo Awards ( MIPA contest)2019, Sports Category.
- Remarkable Award in Siena International Photography Awards ( SIPA contest) 2019.