/ 2020 / Press / Nature/Environmental

Water for Fantalle

  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/Nature/Environmental
  • Photographer
    Maurizio Landriscina

Since 2015 Ethiopia has been experiencing one of the worst droughts of the past 50 years which is having a dramatic impact on the living conditions of 8.5 million Ethiopians. One of the most affected areas is the Oromia region and the Fantalle district where the Karrayyu live, an ethnic group that lives on sheep farming. The area is poor in resources and the soil is not very fertile. To cope with the lack of infrastructure and to facilitate access to water for children and the community of Fantalle, the Italian NGO CIAI, Italian Center for Childhood Aid, is building wells, latrines and a water

Maurizio Landriscina was born in Milan, where he lives and works.
He has always been interested in travel and in photography found the best way to explore human nature in all its forms. In Milan he attended the photojournalism school Polifemo.
Since 2008 he has won several international awards including the IPA, the Polaris Photo Contest and the Trieremberg Super circuit in the section travel reportage.
Today, continues the story with his shots the many facets of his city.