/ 2020 / Press / General News

Social crisis in Chile.

  • Prize
    Silver in Press/General News
  • Photographer
    Matias Basualdo
  • Credit
    Matias Basualdo

Since October 18, a series of protests broke out in Chile that had not been seen for 30 years. Millions of people marched through the streets across the country. Since that day, the confrontations between protesters and the police were pratically daily, for 5 months. It all started with the rise of the subway ticket, but that was simply the drop that overflowed the glass. People in Chile have spent years asking for a better health system, pensions, education, among others. People got tired of collusions, social inequality and especially the high cost of living in this country. Stgo, Chile.

Freelance photographer based in Santiago, Chile. 23 years old. 5 years ago my dad gave me my first camera. Since that day I have not stopped taking photos. I like all type of photography, but mainly street, press, and landscape.

Awards Silver in Press/General News in Prix de la Photographie Paris 2020.