/ 2020 / Fine Art / Landscape


  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Landscape
  • Photographer
    Richard Li

I have taken helicopter to the Lake Magadi, Kenya, more than 20 times. If God's willing, I'll see all kinds of floating mineral patterns on the surface of the lake. Sometimes it looks like a golden snake coming out of water, sometimes like a person dancing, and sometimes like a crocodile lurking...if you use your imagination, you will see amazing things and be amazed by their beauty.

The camera is my third eye to explore the wonder of the world. Although every photo I took is an expression of my feelings, what I love the most is wildlife photography. I hope to take more beautiful photos in my lifetime and leave to the world the most lovely memories of mine. 

Awards The Chairman's Awards winner ; The World-Class Photographer Award winner; FIAP Best Author Award winner of 126th Toronto International Salon of Photography 2019.
Two Gold and one Bronze winner of PX3 Prix de La Photographie Paris 2020.
7 Honorable Mentions of Monochrome Photography Award 2020.
Portfolio Runner Up of Travel Photographer of the Year 2020.
1st Place Winner ; Jury Top 5 Selection; one Gold and one Silver of Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020.
Five entries have been awarded in the 7th Fine Art Photography Awards 2021.