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painting with water

  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Beauty
  • Photographer
    Sylvia R. Kahl

I love taking pictures in the water. What I see in the water is another reality. This is what I find interesting and fascinating about it!

Please see Vogue Italy PhotoVogue Sylvia Rosa Kahl - you can find a short curriculum on my photo experience and some Art and Fashion Photography photos.

I have published around 40 photos in Vogue Italy - PhotoVogue.

My main field of education is Linguistics - Maitrise Es-Lettres Anglaises

Awards I have won PX3 - The Prix de la Photographie Paris - 2014 - honourable mention
I have won the Prize - Best of Water with Jacky in 2016 - of 1600 participants - https://www.wasseraktiv.at/fotowettbewerb2016 - it is the black and white photo of Jacky in the water. Thanks for visiting

I have published around 40 photos in Vogue Italy - PhotoVogue.(3 Photos Best of Vogue Italy)