/ 2020 / Special / Special Effects

Conversations with the Moon

  • Prize
    Bronze in Special/Special Effects
  • Photographer
    Brooke Holm
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Moon in Motion uses the concepts of time, movement and human interference to visually manipulate and obscure what we would otherwise see. The Moon was photographed using a combination of long exposures and physical movement of the camera, resulting in a triptych; three iterations of the same subject with three different visual endpoints. In the blur of motion that materializes, a feeling is represented instead of an obvious subject. This feeling stimulates the individual imagination, leaving room for questions and conversations, and for seeing what the mind chooses to see.

Brooke Holm is an Australian/American photographic artist born in California, USA. Her instinctual love for nature, environmental protection, sustainability, conservation and the desire to question the way things are, have largely contributed to her fine art practice and its constant evolution. Brooke is currently based in New York City where she continues to examine the relationship between humans and nature – and to find a voice within the climate crisis we all face.

Awards 2018 – 2nd Prize, The Independent Photographer, Mineral Matter V, Color Theme
2018 – Honorable Mentions, International Photography Awards, Mineral Matter VI and Salt & Sky II, Nature Category
June 2019 (forthcoming) – Selected artist for The Arctic Circle expeditionary residency, Svalbard Norway