/ 2020 / Press / Performing Arts

Dance series No.1

  • Prize
    Gold in Press/Performing Arts
  • Company
    Tatyana Nagaeva
  • Photographer
    Tatyana Nagaeva
  • Credit
    Tatyana Nagaeva

"Dance series No.1" is my first personal project with dancers, my confession in love with ballet, where I was trying to explore it`s beauty and emotional power to the dancers and to the viewers.

Photographer: Tatyana Nagaeva
Stylist: Karolina Borchert-Hunter
Stylist Assistant: Emilia Kaplan
Makeup Artist: Jessika Bekteshi
Hair Stylist: Aziza Rasulova
Featuring: Tiekka Teller
Evita Zacharioglou
Kara Cooper
Hutch Hagendorf