/ 2020 / Portraiture / Culture

È Così la Vita

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portraiture/Culture
  • Company
    Lea Meienberg Photography
  • Photographer
    Lea Meienberg
  • Credit
    Lea Meienberg

Nowadays most people are afraid of aging but at the same time we want to live as long as possible. We are seeking for the ideal way of life, some even for infinite existence.
The seniors who I met in the hinterland of Sardinia are home to a so-called Blue Zone, a region of the world, where people live much longer than average. They live the ideal way of old age: Independent in their own home, cared for by their loved ones. Their passion to grow vegetable in their own gardens and to produce their own meet and cheese products seems to be part of their secret for a long and agile life.

Awards – 2020, The Lenzburg Photo Festival, Finalist in the category projects and category single pictures, Lenzburg, Switzerland
– 2018, AFAR Travel Photography Award, Finalist, San Francisco, USA
– 2011, Prix Photo, Fondation BAT, Bern, Switzerland
– 2008, Vfg Young Talents Award, Zürich, Switzerland
– 2007, Vfg Young Talents Award, 2nd place, Zürich, Switzerland