/ 2020 / Nature / Sky

The perfect thunderstorms

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Sky
  • Company
    Ojl Photographies
  • Photographer
    Olivier Jarry-Lacombe

Come with me, through this series of photos, for a very special trip, a trip for those we do not forget, a trip that fascinates and paralyzes you at the same time: a "Trip to Stormy Lands"!
Passionate about photography, travel and the intense phenomena represented, it was all it took for a season to run across Europe over 8000 km in search of keraunic sensations and the most thunderstorms photogenic.

Let me introduce myself, Olivier Jarry-Lacombe, photographer, hunter of images and emotions around the World.
After a career in finance for more than 15 years, one day I decided to change my life and put my passions of travel and photography at the center of my life.
This decision and the desire to come back with exceptional images led me to undertake several road-trips in France and throughout Europe.
I offer you today through my photo a look at my photographic work which, I hope, will please you and invite you to travel and thrills.