/ 2020 / Nature / Trees

Story of tree family

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    Gold in Nature/Trees, Gold in Special/Others “Special”, 1st Place winner in Special
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Trees that don't look real (Surreal).
The tree family story of Sumba sea.
I want to talk through this tree family.
Human beings are hugged by their parents when they are born.
But this tree cannot hug a child born from its roots.
Yet they are happy
They can always look to each other and pray
Modern people are too busy to meet their families.
But don't forget your family like trees that always look at each other and pray.

Live in Gwangju-si, near Seoul, South Korea. Studied painting at the University. And it was completed a Masters Degree Animation. He see that our inner nature also has the truth of those with in the nature and the human expose through my lens. The Light and contrast shines in the nature and the human, and infinite array of colors and it’s combination, Sing for salvation and hope that hide underneath of the naked face of the human and the nature. Also sing eternity with the innocent sight of a child from my coldness and hopeless life, I had. Wishing for salvation from hopeless, I am willing to share eternal salvation shines through my lens today and sing with it. Currently Photos judges in KOREA IMAGE BROADCASTING CO.

Awards 2020 PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris. Special Photographer of the Year.
2019.Tifa International Photography Awards 1th(Photographer of the Year) ,gold, silver
2019.London International Creative Competition M/A
2019.Tifa International Photography Awards 1th,gold, silver
2019 MIFA International Photography Awards Silver
2018 IPA-2017, The International Photography Awards PRO. competition, 2th.
2018. Moscow foto awards. Bronze Awarded
2017 IPA-2017, The International Photography Awards PRO. competition, 2th.
IPA-2016, The International Photography Awards PRO. M / H
2016.France 10Th ANNUAL PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris H / M

2016 International Monochrome Awards M / H
2016. New York 18th PSSNY International Exhibition of Photography silver medal.
2016.10Th ANNUAL PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris H/M.
2016. RUSIS Salon 'Life Around Us 2016' PSA Gole medal.
2016. France 29th Salon Photo de Riedisheim (Med. Or FPF)
2015. ‘ Hong Kong International Salon of Photography 2015‘ FIAP H/M
Czech ‘2015 Indian Summer’ UPI Gold Medal
14th PSI International Print/Digital Salon-2015 Gold Medal
Czech PhotoART Vision International Salon 2014 Gold Meda