/ 2020 / Nature / Seasons

The Tree of Hope

  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Seasons
  • Company
    Richard Pilnick Ltd
  • Photographer
    Richard Pilnick
  • Credit
    Richard Pilnick

The relationship to nature, the seasons of the trees, the seasons of human emotions and relationships, the seasons of business, from conceptual seed to actualised dream, too difficulty and struggle, to new investment and growth. Our relation to nature is ever present. Life is cyclical, a wave of highs and lows whilst we continually grow and evolve. I often watch the trees for the relationship to the self, witnessing the tree go from empty bare tree - the blank canvas where everything is possible. As we see the new shoots begin to appear - the seeds of thoughts and ideas, through to full bloom

Using medium and large format film photography, Richard is noted for the unobtrusive manner with which he relaxes his subjects, effortlessly imbuing their faces with serene and unperturbed expressions. For Richard, photography is his doorway to different cultures and traditions, it is a moment captured, a feeling, an emotion, a silent form of communication and a message to be interpreted and appreciated through many generations with no geographical boundaries.

Richard's work has been exhibited in various locations around Europe and Asia, most notably in the National Portrait Gallery, London