/ 2020 / Fine Art / Digitally Enhanced

The Woman Code

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    Bronze in Fine Art/Digitally Enhanced
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  • Photographer

A series of images exploring African symbols of Adire created by the Yoruba women in the early 20th century. The symbols are created on fabric using indigo resist-dyeing techniques. These symbols were created as a resistance to patriarchy structures in society which didn't allow women to have a voice. The symbols were used to communicate secret meanings and inspire other women.
I studied the symbols and digitally painted them onto modern day Yoruba women I photographed as a homage to African womanhood as they are source of the initial symbols.

I am a Nigerian visual artist based in London who expresses himself through photography and mixed media.
My work work is an expression of my journey and experiences as a Nigerian and a Brit. These two cultures inform the narratives in my work which straddles between fantasy and reality.