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Waiting for the Tide to Turn

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Other
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Gary Sheridan

The Waiting for the Tide to Turn series farcically explores the emotions of a disenfranchised people. The images allude to a spectrum of thoughts, feelings and actions ranging from apathy and subservience to enlightenment and rebellion. The series envisages the realization that individualism is the weakness and only as a collective can they begin to turn the tide.
As the series progresses it becomes less implicit with chronologically ordered events on T-Day (Turning Day). The T-Day image depicts someone more able to cope with the toxic environment rescuing those less equipped to cope.

It was whilst studying photography at the University of Wolverhampton UK that I found my passion for conceptual photography. My work draws on personal experience and a natural inquisitiveness in human behaviour.
I construct (often building sets in the studio) a series of work from a concept or I will see images in everyday life that speak volumes to me. Whichever method of construction I use, I intend the images to be multi-layered and engage the viewer thoughtfully and aesthetically.

Awards Bronze Award – Tokyo International Foto Awards, Fine Art 2019 TIFA
Bronze Award – Worlds Top 10 Fashion Photo, Fine Art, One Eyeland 2019
3 x Honorable Mention – International Photography Awards, Fine Art Series 2019 IPA
Honorable Mention - International Photography Awards, Street Photography 2019 IPA
Nominee - Fine Art Photography Awards – Conceptual 2019 FAPA
Finalist - Worlds Top 10 Fashion Photo 2018 - Oneyeland
Honorable Mention - International Photography Awards, Fine Art Portrait 2018 IPA

1st BA Hons Photography 2004