/ 2020 / Book / Fine Art

A photographic art that owns invention patents

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Chang, Chin-Chia
  • Credit

Agapicture Achromatic Photography Art Book
Chang, Chin-Chia (Agapicture) 1970 Born in Pingtong, Taiwan
The application of achromatic image creation on the aluminum plates, which Mr. Chin-Chia Chang invented and holds the patent to, is ingenious and innovative. He observes and explores the world through these works with constant attempts and creative attitude. Creation can be full of possibilities.

Creation makes my life more interesting !
I am art photographer in the Taiwan, I love immersing myself in the natural world, admiring Gods creation, and capturing images that portray the magical moments I get to experience while there. Enjoy the photos!

Awards 2020 MIFA/Professional/ Fine Art-Special Effects/Gold Awarded
2020 MIFA/Professional/ Nature-Aerial/Silver Awarded
2020 MIFA/Professional/ Book-Fine Art/Bronze Awarded
2019 IPA Special-Special Effects/Pro/Honorable Mention
2019 IPA Nature-Other/Pro/Honorable Mention
2019 IPA Fine Art-Abstract/Pro/Honorable Mention
2019 IPA Nature-Aerial/Drone/Pro/Honorable MentionX2
2019 MIFA/Professional/Nature-Aerial/Silver Awarded
2019 MIFA/Professional/Nature-Sunset/Silver Awarded
2019 MIFA/Professional/Nature-Aerial/Honorable Mention
2019 MIFA/Professional/Nature-Aerial/Honorable Mention
2018 IPA Architecture-Cityscapes/Urban/Professional/Honorable Mention
2018 PX3 Nature/sunsets/Professional/Silver
2017 IPA Fine Art/Abstract/Pro/Honorable Mention
2017 IPA Fine Art/Other/Pro/Honorable Mention