/ 2020 / Advertising / Food

Canned Food Isolation Project

  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Food
  • Photographer
    Anne Mason-Hoerter
  • Credit
    Anne Mason-Hoerter

I started this project on March 13,2020, the day of my countries official quarantine. As I was at my local supermarket, I noticed a surreal frenzy amongst the canned goods section. It started a chain reaction in me and I too started to select canned foods. Arriving home, I became worried since I live alone. What happens to me if I get sick? Suddenly, this array of canned food became very important to me. It gave me a strange form of security. I photographed 30 cans in 30 days. My aim is to create images that display the uniqueness of each canned food item. Each photo has over 50 images.

Independent Fine Art Photographer specializing in unique 
forms of botanical images.
Born and raised in Ontario, Canada.
Studied at The Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Canada. Graduated 1990.
Studied interior design at the International Academy of Design, Toronto, Canada 1984-86.
Currently residing in Canada and Germany