2nd Place / 2019 / Nature /


  • Prize
    Gold in Nature/Landscape, 2nd Place winner in Nature
  • Company
    Reuters News Agency
  • Photographer
    David Gray
  • Credit

From ground level, Australia’s drought looks like a featureless, brown dustbowl, but from the air it transforms into an artistry of colour and texture as the land cracks under a blazing sun. The remnants of water reservoirs and dried-up creeks, along with the tracks made by starving cattle and sheep resemble the patterns in Aboriginal paintings that tell of an ancient mythology, with their shadows stretching across the land creating a surrealist image. The entire state of New South Wales in eastern Australia was drought declared in July, making it the worst drought in living memory.

David Gray began his career as a cadet photographer at The Australian newspaper in 1989. Since joining Reuters in 1995, he has extensively covered news and sporting events in Asia, the South Pacific region, North and South America, Europe and Africa. In 2003, Gray was appointed Chief Photographer Australia, until 2007 when he moved to Beijing, China as a Specialist Photographer. He has also covered 9 Olympic Games, a total of 11 World Cup tournaments for soccer, cricket and rugby, plus numerous world athletics and swimming championships.