2nd Place / 2019 / Fine Art /

Gold of Africa

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Nudes, 2nd Place winner in Fine Art
  • Company
    Adam(a) Photography Nyc
  • Photographer
    Adam Shulman
  • Credit
    Adam Shulman

The Gold of Africa, for Adam Shulman, is the culmination of the greater part of a decade immersed in two divergent worlds: the wonder-filled dream of a life as a fashion photographer; and the painstaking life as a medical philanthropist and the constant pursuit of an African medical system deserving of its people. Gold of Africa, metaphorically represents the gold of Africa as being the people and the land, and not gold itself. Showcasing beautiful African bodies covered in what appears to be golden, cracked, desert earth, each model captivates the viewer with overwhelming power and beauty.