Bronze / 2019 / Press / Travel/Tourism


  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/Travel/Tourism
  • Photographer
    Valter Darbe
  • Credit

House interior in the north est of Afghanistan: no windows but only a hole in the roof. A quiete strip of land despite over 40 years of war in Afghanistan, this area has so far been spared from conflict and preserved by social, ecological and environmental disasters. Will it be conserved from the effects of the new Silk Roads (the new economic corridor that China and Afghanistan intend to open)?

Born in 1962, bachelor degree in photography and master in “Science, technology and communication”. Artistic activities in 1991 with a research focused on archetypes of emotions, which was noteworthy at national and international level with solo and group exhibitions.
Since 2005 he started some photographic projects with some NGOs, currently I’m board member of Six Degrees, an international association of war and social reporters. My work is focussed on the status of women in different cultural heritage, and on the social impacts of the "Silk Roads".