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Millennials on the move

  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/Political
  • Photographer
    Sonia Costa

Young boys and girls, led by the 16 year old attivist, Greta Thumberg, are on the move every friday to fight against climate change and try to save our planet. Paris, february 2019

I was born in the northeast of Italy . Geographer, passionate environmentalist, I’ve been travelling the world for many years and for many years I’ve been taking documentary photographs. My essential subject is social life, I love forgotten places and simple stories, people away from the spotlight which I like to capture with my camera in the most remote corners of the planet.
In 2016 my first book has been published, a journey around the world through short stories and photographs dedicated to the female universe.

Awards Awards: TIFA Tokyo International Awards - Julia Cameron Awards - IPA Photography Awards - Prix de la Photographie Paris.
Nominees and Honourable mentions in various International Contests: Julia Margaret Cameron Award - Monochrome Award - Internazional Awards- Fine Art Photography - Spider Awards IPA Street Awards