/ 2019 / Press / Performing Arts

White Water

  • Prize
    Gold in Press/Performing Arts
  • Photographer
    Gia Dinh To
  • Credit
    Gia To

White Water is a piece by Lin Hwai-Min, the master choreographer from Taiwan. His company is Cloud Gate Dance Theatre.

True to herself, this is how we could define the path of Gia To: ten years as a respected journalist in videogames, then graphic and industrial designer awarded by the Red Dot three times, and now, a multiple awarded photographer with a very personal perception of the world.

She leads an extensive work in live performances, especially in dance photography, a field in which she won several awards. She also invests daily life in Asia, and industrial and factories environments, echoing her product designer background, and her overseas chinese identity.

As political refugee, her family sought asylum in France when she was only six years old. As a result, her bilingual brain combines European flexibility and open-mindednessm to Asian precision and hard-working spirit. She's living now in Taipei in Taiwan, and spends her summers in Provence.

Photo taken at the Festival of Dance of Vaison-la-Romaine.

Awards Px3 Prix de la Photographie de Paris, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals + Honorable Mention
Photographies de l'année 2013 Spectacle (First Prize)
Photographies de l'année 2013 Nouveau talent
Agence Française du Développement, Terre de Femmes (Land of women), Grand Prize of the jury
Black and white Spider awards 2013, 2014, 2018, 2019