/ 2019 / Portraiture / Children

City Soleil : a light in the darkness

  • Prize
    Gold in Portraiture/Children, Gold in Press/Feature Story
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Urim Hong
  • Credit
    Urim Hong

City Soleil is a shantytown where the people live in extreme poverty in Haiti. A city is experiencing extreme hunger, unemployment, formation of armed gangs, violations under violence.This is not their choice but what they are born with. However human can indeed adjust to their environment but one can nurture the courage to face it through learning. Saying no to their destined environment and learning continuously by dreaming for a better tomorrow, it was their passionate heart for learning that made it possible. This is the narratives of the children who prevail in hunger but in sincerity.

Urim Hong is a photographer who searches for light in the isolated world. After majoring in the humanities as well as pedagogy, he taught children for a decade and, in that process, found himself called to photography. He majored in photography at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Currently, he is leading a project for the children and orphans in Citi Soleil, a small village within the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area in Haiti. He was selected as Editorial Photographer of the year at the 2018 IPA, 2019 MIFA and PDNedu Awards, 2020 IPA Documentary(Editorial) winner.

Awards <2017>
2017 : International Photographer of The Year(IPOTY) / Children / Honorable mentioned

2018 : International Photography Awards(IPA) / Editorial photographer of the Year/nonpro
2018 : International Photography Awards(IPA) / Editorial / 1st place
2018 : International Photography Awards(IPA) / Photo Essay / Honorable mentioned
2018 : Lucie Awards / Discovery of the Year finalist
2018 : Tokyo International Foto Awards(TIFA) / Editorial / Category winner 2nd
2018 : Tokyo International Foto Awards(TIFA) / People / Gold
2018 : Tokyo International Foto Awards(TIFA) / Children / Gold
2018 : Lensculture B&W Photography Awards finalist

PDN EDU Awards
- Documentary Photographer of the Year

Moscow International Foto Awards(MIFA)
-Editorial Photographer of the Year(nonpro)
-Portfolio of the Year
-Photo Essay / Gold
-Personal portfolio / Gold
-People / Gold

-Portraiture / Gold

2019 PX3 State of the World
-Curational Selection

2019 Monovision Photography Awards
-People / 3rd place
-Photojournalism / Honorable Mentioned


2020 International Photography Awards(IPA) : MOVEMENT
- People / Honorable Mentioned
- People / Honorable Mentioned

2020 Moscow International Foto Awards(MIFA)
- Ediorial,Personality / Gold
- Portrait,Children / Silver

2020 International Photography Awards(IPA)
- Editorial,Press / 1st place
- Jury Top 5 Selection / Professional
- Editorial, Personality / Honorable mentioned
- People, Portrait, Children / Honorable mentioned

2020 Tokyo International Foto Awards(TIFA)
- Jury Top 5 Selection, Editorial
- People, Children / Gold, Bronze
- Editorial, Personality / Silver

2020 Budafest International Foto Awards(BIFA)
- Event / 2nd place
- Event, music / Gold
- Editorial, photo essay / Silver
- Editorial, Political / Silver
- People, children / Bronze
- Photo essay / Honorable mentioned