Bronze / 2019 / Fine Art / People


  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/People
  • Photographer
    Peyman Naderi

How and why they all have descended from eminence to decadence is another story. This twisted downfall, however, is accompanied by degradation of once respected values, cultures, and thoughts, to a beyond-repair level. And we have all experienced the repugnant taste of this downfall in recent years. Particularly, there is the reversal related to the behavior and interaction with women which constitutes that we announce a shift from “patriarchy” to “anti-womanism”! These photos, are indicators of drowned and effete women form an anti-women society who substitute thought with lust.

My name is Peyman Naderi. I was born in 1990 in Tehran. I’m studying Control Engineering at IKIU. I’ve always been interested in photography ever since childhood. It’s always been my dream to be able to snap pictures to create unceasing images in history and to be remembered in order for photography to become more advanced. My favorite method of photography is Dark Portrait and Fine Art. I’m teaching the former method in an institute in Tehran at the moment and try my best to help my students to progress and be on the right path. My plan is to participate in installing a Portrait exhibit in one of the best galleries in Iran.