Silver / 2019 / Fine Art / People

Back to the 70's

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/People
  • Photographer
    Bella von Einsiedel

A retro inspired portrait of a boy of today, who knows the times of the 70s only from the history book. The 70s, marked by bright colors, eye-catching wallpapers, peace movement and the development of the first personal computers and video games that are the main component of everyday life for today's youth.

The Berlin based photographer and artist Bella von Einsiedel represent: individuality, wealth of ideas, quality and perfection.

Her forte is to capture the soul of people and to create unique stories and moods.

Away from the uniform of studio photography, Bella captures and creates meaningful and individual portraits that illustrate the strengths, weaknesses, and feelings of humankind.

Especially stand out her surreal portraits which have already been published in several magazines, exhibited and awarded internationally.

"My ambition is to create distinctive photos - to show, how I see and feel the world. Photography is a gift because it's a chance to escape the daily grind and to give vent to one's feelings." Bella von Einsiedel