Silver / 2019 / Press / Political

Odyssey of HOPE

  • Prize
    Silver in Press/Political
  • Company
    Zuma Press, Inc.
  • Photographer
    Carol Guzy/ZUMA Wire
  • Credit
    Scott Mc Kiernan, picture Editor

JONATAN, his wife SARA and their son JOSE MIGUEL from Honduras experienced many hardships on their USA odyssey. Endured a frigid river crossing, walked and hitchhiked through Mexico. 'We suffered and were hungry. No one told us the risks.' says Jonathan. They made a spontaneous decision to cross the U.S./Mexico border with others to be detained. Seen crossing by a photojournalist who said they looked quite sad, possibly realizing their chances of gaining asylum were slim and hopes for a future in America would most likely result in deportation to the country they spent so many months fleeing.

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