/ 2019 / Press / Performing Arts

Green Attitude Outtakes

  • Prize
    Silver in Press/Performing Arts
  • Company
    Raoul Iacometti
  • Photographer
    Raoul Iacometti
  • Credit
    2013/2019©Raoul Iacometti

These shots are part of a larger and more complex project called "Green Attitude”, idea born and created in 2008 and published in 2013. This series of shots are unpublished and never presented as a portfolio. They trace the logic meaning of the mother project, but in different way, keeping the same atmosphere and intensity. The artists who animate all photographic shots are etoile, lead dancers, soloists and dancers of classical and modern dance, who work in the most important dance companies, such as La Scala in Milan, Opéra Nationale de Paris, Opéra Nationale de Bordeaux and many others.

I work as a freelance photographer, alternating personal research with commercial work: documentary and socio-humanitarian reportage, industrial, events and portraits. In 2008 I created "Green Attitude", the dance linked to the world of flowers and plants, in the greenhouses and from 2015 up today I'm working on project of socio-humanitarian reportage related to degenerative diseases. In May 2018 comes out "B eing Design", a book project on Design Made in Italy with over 200 black and white pics.
Some of my photographs are part of important private collections and nat and intl publications.