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Some of Us

  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/General News
  • Company
    Raoul Iacometti
  • Photographer
    Raoul Iacometti
  • Credit
    2015/2019©Raoul Iacometti

“Some of Us" is a project about disability and volunteering. It tells about degenerative diseases such as ALS, muscular dystrophy and others, as autism and schizophrenia. This is a selection of a much larger number of pics, started to work in 2015. It's still a work in progress,collaborating with three important Associations in Italy: UILDM, UNITALSI and the NEMO Clinical Center, into Niguarda Hospital (Milan).
 Every patient with their family is a deep and true story. There's no rich or poor, children or adults, skin color, religion or origin, because diseases make no difference.

I work as a freelance photographer, alternating personal research with commercial work: documentary and socio-humanitarian reportage, industrial, events and portraits. In 2008 I created "Green Attitude", the dance linked to the world of flowers and plants, in the greenhouses and from 2015 up today I'm working on project of socio-humanitarian reportage related to degenerative diseases. In May 2018 comes out "B eing Design", a book project on Design Made in Italy with over 200 black and white pics.
Some of my photographs are part of important private collections and nat and intl publications.