Bronze / 2019 / Portraiture / Family

Tibetan Family - The Long Journey Home

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portraiture/Family
  • Company
    Sarah Jenkins Photography
  • Photographer
    Sarah Jenkins

This Tibetan family is preparing for the long ride home after spending the day at the traditional horse racing festival, where nomadic Tibetan families gather high up on the Tibetan Plateau (4200 meters) to watch local Khampa horsemen compete in various horse races. Everyone is dressed in their best Tibetan outfits, with some modern accessories. I watched as the mother of this family helped her exhausted three young sons climb on the horse's back, while she and her older son held the reins and led the horse across the grasslands and the long walk home.

Sarah is a freelance photographer. She has more than 20 years experience in both the photography and graphic design fields.
Sarah lives in Sydney Australia but her wanderlust for travel has taken her to all corners of the globe; to 115 countries and all seven continents. Her interest in disappearing cultures takes her to some of the more remote parts of the world, photographing tribes and people. Sarah's images have been awarded international photography awards.
Sarah is the director of SignaturePhoto Photography Courses - teaching short photography courses in Sydney Australia, and also leads photography tours to other parts of the world.