Silver / 2019 / Nature / Landscape


  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Landscape
  • Photographer
    Brooke Holm
  • Credit
    Brooke Holm

In Brooke Holm’s photographic series ‘Arctic’, she explores the unique landscape of the northernmost region of the world in Svalbard, Norway. On an expedition that started in search of beauty, silence and isolation, Holm discovered more than just a visually arresting natural environment. There was an obvious fragility to the North that awakened an inner desire to protect it. Holm’s work reveals the Arctic’s rare aesthetic in an effort to raise awareness, not only of its existence, but also of the prevailing impact of a changing climate.

Brooke Holm is an Australian/American photographic artist born in California, USA. Her instinctual love for nature, environmental protection, sustainability, conservation and the desire to question the way things are, have largely contributed to her fine art practice and its constant evolution. Brooke is currently based in New York City where she continues to examine the relationship between humans and nature – and to find a voice within the climate crisis we all face.