Silver / 2018 / Press / People/Personality

City of the Dead

  • Prize
    Silver in Press/People/Personality
  • Photographer
    Alina Fedorenko

The City of the Dead is an ancient cemetery that became a residential neighborhood in Cairo, Egypt. Cairo's alternative for those who are the poorest, live in this area between graveyards. A life between tombs and mausoleum structures, where people live and work amongst the dead. The settlement is far from legal, but the Egyptian government has long since given up on evicting residents.The first cemetery caretakers have passed the jobs on to their children and so generations living and raising families at the same place without moving. The neighborhood is poorly policed, crime is on the rise, some of the criminals found here a place, next to families who raise children. Many women are forced to live in extreme poverty after the death of the man. Widows and their children face discrimination and outright injustice.