Bronze / 2018 / Nature / Landscape_N

Time & Tide

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Landscape
  • Company
    John Miskelly Photography
  • Photographer
    John Miskelly FBIPP

Capturing time! This series is intended to capture a ‘slice of time’, through the use of long exposures up to 8 minutes long. Using these long exposures to create simple, yet strong compositions, I aim to show the interaction between man made structures around our coast and the natural environment. Working with such long exposures, inevitably means that I work slowly and build up the elements of the image, piece by piece.I normally prefer to photograph in subdued light, usually at the beginning or end of the day, in what is commonly called the ‘blue hour’. By using this light, I create images that are almost monochromatic, but are in fact still in colour, the use of which is again intended to highlight the simplicity of the image and not detract from the subject matter.

John Miskelly is a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography and is a multi award-winning photographer, specialising in stunning fine art landscapes from around the world. His style, which is instantly recognisable through the visual drama and artistry of his photography. His landscape photography is an exploration of time, often using very long exposures ranging from 2 minutes duration to 8 minutes or even longer, aimed at giving a sense of time passing, whether that be in the movement of clouds across the sky or the smoothing of the water. His work is often about the connections and relationships between the natural elements around our coastline and the structures that have been created by man. John has chosen to work in colour, where his intention is to show the muted palette, most commonly found at the beginning and end of the day. He is constantly looking for potential shapes or patterns that attract him and he is strongly influenced by simple yet strong compositional elements. Add to this the atmosphere, light, weather and movement that he is drawn to and you start to get the essence of his personal style, that leads to his fine art landscape photography that you will see on his website,